Sensible Solutions was founded in 2017 by Dr. Staci McIntosh to provide intermittent consulting services based on Staci's job search and career advice books. As she continued to publish her books, Staci also worked full-time, coaching dozens of individuals to overcome self-doubt, eliminate career blockers, improve their personal brand, consider their career pathway options, and prepare for job interviews. During that time, her colleagues frequently asked her to coach their kids who were graduating from college and entering the job market. She was able to provide her practical, direct coaching style to help young professionals choose the best career, get noticed by employers, and ace both job and graduate school interviews. Those experiences drove her to expand the scope of Sensible Solutions' human resources work and to create the LaunchPad program, designed specifically for college graduates and new professionals. It is the only targeted coaching program of its kind located in Nevada. When the need arises, Sensible Solutions brings in additional consultants whom Staci has personally vetted through her 20+ years of experience working in human resources for three large organizations.

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Dr. Staci McIntosh
Founder & President

Dr. Staci McIntosh has 20+ years of experience as a Human Resources executive in both public and private sectors. She has worked for organizations ranging from 4,500 to now 82,000, and she has interviewed or coached over 1,000 individuals, both in-person and virtually. Most recently, Staci was the Vice President for Human Resources at NYNY Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Staci believes in helping people navigate the invisible rules and networks which make career advancement easy for some and difficult for others. Her coaching work focuses on one goal: improving opportunities for all people to achieve their dreams, regardless of background or life experience. Staci sees the potential for each person to succeed, even if they don't yet see it in themselves.


Staci entered the workforce as a teacher and assistant principal. After discovering her love for human resources, Staci held roles as a director, executive director, and assistant superintendent in Spokane (WA) Public Schools. She then served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for the Clark County (Las Vegas) School District. Staci holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. In 2007 she earned her Education Doctorate in Leadership from Washington State University.

When she’s not working, Staci loves to write. She is the author several books providing strategies for career advancement.  Through her easy-to-read books, her interactive seminars, and her individual career coaching sessions, Staci provides ambitious, hard-working people with simple tools and straight-talking advice to overcome everyday challenges. Staci’s books are available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format.