We serve our clients in three distinct areas. We provide additional or interim human resources support to help your business; we conduct individualized executive coaching and interactive group trainings, and finally, we offer LaunchPad, our own coaching program designed specifically to help graduates and newer professionals take the right steps to launch a successful career. All of our coaching services can be provided virtually to save you time and avoid unnecessary travel expenses. 

Human Resources Support

Interim HR Positions & Temp Roles


Discipline Documents/Summaries

Employee Due Process Meetings 

Recruitment & Job Fairs

Applicant Screening

Interviewing & Selection

Conflict Mediation

Collective Bargaining Management

CBA Language Writing

Union Avoidance

Employee Newsletters

Job Descriptions

Layoff/Recall Processes

Employee Engagement

HRIS/HRMS Adoption

ATS Adoption

Executive Coaching and Group Training

One-on-One Executive Coaching for:

Performance Enhancement

Job Searches & Interviewing

Perception Management

Performance Improvement

Career Crisis Management

Eliminating Blocking Behaviors

Improving Executive Presence

Getting a Promotion

Public Speaking

Confidence Building

Overcoming a Career Setback

Coaching Your Team

Dealing with Difficult Employees

Managing Your Boss

Developing/Enhancing Your Brand

Organizing & Prioritizing

Group/Employee Training for:

Mandatory/Regulatory Completion 

Supervision 101

Progressive Discipline

The 7 Steps of Just Cause

Due Process Meetings and Hearings


Giving Difficult Feedback

Employee Engagement

Layoff/Recall Support

Interview Strategies

Money Management

Debt Reduction

Promotion-Enhancing Strategies

LaunchPad for Graduates & New Professionals

Job Searches & Resumes

Preparing for Interviews

Acing It the Day of the Interview

Graduate School Interviews              

Choosing Your Career Pathway

Creating Your Personal Brand 

Developing Executive Presence

Building & Showing Confidence

Networking Strategies  

Networking Hacks for Introverts  

Learning Your New Organization

Promotion-Enhancing Strategies 

Navigating Office Politics

Managing Your Boss

Debt-Reduction, Budgeting and Money Management 

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Anxiety