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Confidence Restored

     As a result of working with Staci, I have gotten my confidence back. After nearly 25 years, I transitioned from one industry to another and although I had many years of experience, accomplishments and skills to perform the job - I allowed my insecurities of the new role to cause me to overthink my abilities. These insecurities were affecting how leadership viewed me and were limiting advancement opportunities.

     After meeting with Staci and having her do a deep dive into who I was both personally and professionally, she gained a deep insight into my story. She conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to gather feedback on my strengths and opportunities for growth. Staci assessed the information, provided her assessment and we developed a plan together on some key areas to focus.

     After meeting with Staci for a few months, my communication/interactions with peers and leaders across the organization have improved and my confidence level is being restored. I am able to recognize and reflect on situations that may not have gone the way I had originally planned and make corrections (almost immediately) on the spot to avoid continuing old patterns.

     Staci is so upbeat, honest and completely genuine. I immediately felt a connection and comfort level in disclosing my insecurities and concerns with my career. I believe the most amazing part about working with Staci is her willingness to make time for a quick touch base, send an encouraging note or just be that voice of reason when I need it. 

     She has really made a difference in my life.

    --- D.C, Ed.D 

"Ultimate Value" for Career Growth

Staci was very inspiring to me when it came to her coaching abilities! She was able to convey the importance of approach, and delivery, when having those “courageous conversations” with those who report to you, or are your business partners.  She enabled me to understand that my demeanor, and my tone of voice was important in addressing the situation when engaging with the individual.  The importance of conveying a willingness to better understand, rather than to place blame was key. By using these tools, I have been able to find resolution with several challenging relationships in the business environment and to implement them in my personal life as well.  Staci is the consummate teacher, and mentor, she spends time with those who seek her out for interviewing techniques and coaching guidance. Staci is an amazing leadership coach who truly cares about the success of those who want to advance in their careers, by providing them with valuable tools that they can apply in their work environment.  Having Staci as a resource and a coach, is the “ultimate value” for someone who is focused on career growth.


Got the Dream Job

     Before working with Staci, I knew I always had aspirations of growing professionally but my lack of confidence significantly held me back. Through Staci’s personalized coaching and mentorship, I was able to not only gain the experience and knowledge that I needed to boost my confidence, but also understand at a deeper level how certain emotional experiences in my past influenced my own self-worth.

     Staci has an innate ability to connect and bring out the best in everyone she works with. She encourages and empowers you to take healthy risks that stretch and challenge you out of your comfort zone. As a matter of fact, because of Staci’s valuable interview and resume tips and tricks, I recently landed a highly competitive position with a highly desirable company!

     Staci is such a passionate coach and it brings her so much joy to see the success of those that she has helped. I highly recommend Staci to anyone who is ready and willing to explore their highest potential!


Helped Focus the Vision

Staci was able to help me craft the story for my vision for our department in such a way that it was very succinct and compelling. She guided me through the narrative which helped me gain the support of key stakeholders. Her breadth of experience has enabled her to successfully navigate business/corporate politics, and she frequently offered practical, sound advice to help me navigate the same. Staci is an outstanding coach who helped me on multiple levels. 


"An amazing career coach!"

Dr. McIntosh is am amazing career coach! She is incredibly knowledgeable about interviewing techniques to help you stand out and GET THE JOB! She is patient and will take the time to ensure you go into the interview with 100% confidence and poise. I would highly recommend Dr. McIntosh for anyone looking to launch their career or take it to new heights!


Career Excelled

Staci is an absolute gem! She coached me through one of the toughest times in my executive career. She is authentic, connects quickly, has the ability to assess difficult situations and leads you to the desired outcomes. Because of her coaching, my career has excelled tremendously. 


"One of the most exceptional coaches I ever worked with"

Staci was one of the most inspirational and exceptional coaches I have ever worked with. Staci spent hours helping me prep for the biggest interview of my career, she provided feedback and coaching that was right on point. Because of her expert advice my interview went perfectly and I landed the promotion. Staci has a passion for helping others and loves seeing others succeed!


Secret Recipe for Success

Staci McIntosh is one of a kind! Her insights, encouragement, and humor were the secret recipe that boosted my confidence. She helped to turn my goal of being a director into reality. Staci pushed me to have a deeper understanding of myself and of my strengths. From there, she used every resource available to cultivate and grow my brand. I'm forever grateful to her coaching!"


Promotion Transition Support

I was fortunate to have Staci McIntosh as my career coach during my transition to a Director-level leadership position. Staci invested time and energy in my development including interviewing 10 key stakeholders to get critical feedback on my strengths and areas of opportunity. Staci compiled all of the information and met with me several times afterwards to develop a plan to improve on my opportunities and prepare me for my promotion.  Throughout our interactions, Staci provided relevant, helpful resources and advice, and I felt more prepared to take on my new role with her guidance and support. I would highly recommend Staci as a coach for other leaders looking to grow and develop their skills.


Opened My Eyes to a World of Possibilities

Staci is a joy to work with and learn from. When it comes to navigating a midlife career change, her depth of knowledge and breadth of experience are unsurpassed. She has seen it all, having been both an HR professional in the private sector and a consultant. At a time when I didn't know where to turn, she was a friendly shoulder to lean on, she listened to my concerns and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for my next career...not to mention that she is just fun to be around. See Staci when you need a boost of confidence. She will help you get your priorities in order and fast.


Entered Executive Interview with Confidence

The information that I received from Staci was innovative and focused. The preparation she provided allowed me to enter an executive interview with confidence, and ultimately proved successful. Can't thank her enough."


One of the areas that I was most afraid of was walking into large meetings where I would need to mingle and chat. Working with Staci, she helped me understand my insecurities about this fear and more importantly, helped me to overcome it. She provided me with with a safe strategy to lean on each time before these meetings and now, I am able to engage effectively with peers and colleagues. Staci also helped me worked through feedback I received and strategically implement changes in my behavior. This helped to better control mis-perceptions about me. 

-- L.M. 

Practical Strategies to Overcome Fears

"Staci Is a Sure Bet to Help Your Career"

Staci is an absolutely amazing and inspiring leader that you should not only want in your corner but that you NEED in your corner if you are trying to prepare for, develop, and/or advance in your career. From sprucing up my resume to preparing for interviews and even building up my executive presence, I know that I am better prepared for any opportunity that comes my way because of her. These topics can be seen as uncomfortable or intimidating, but going through one of her many courses and getting a chance to be coached by her will be something you will never regret. Even if you think you are prepared, there is always something to learn from her and she is more than happy to share. Here in Vegas sometimes it’s the roll of the dice, but with Staci, she is a sure thing to help in your success!


Life Completely Turned Around Through Staci's Impact

I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life following a divorce and loss of a family member. I took a step down from a job I was very passionate about in order to regarding control of my personal life and strengthen the relationship with my daughter. Although I found love and passion for my new role, I could not escape the burden of not being able to fully provide for my daughter. Coincidentally, I had a meeting with Staci on another topic. She welcomed me and asked me to tell her a little about myself. I went on a rather long rant about everything that was wrong pretty much from my childhood. Staci kindly listened to me and when I was done said, "Sometimes you ask someone to tell you about themselves and they tell you everything that is wrong and nothing that is right. Don't let yourself become a victim of what has happened to you." I will forever remember how it made me feel. It was the awakening I needed. She gave me the Brene Brown book Rising Strong, and helped me come up with a game plan for my next move. She completely understood that although I loved my new role, I was not making ends meet and the stress of not being able to support my daughter alone was adding to my depression. I appreciated feeling like a real person in front of her and not just an employee. Not too long after our meeting, I applied to some positions Staci had suggested. I also used her book Ready for Take-Off to prepare for interviews. I received a job offer to BOTH jobs that I applied for! I accepted the job offer for my dream job! I love what I do and am SO HAPPY with where I am in life. Even though hard times may come again, I focus first on all of the good in my life. I will forever be grateful for the impact Staci left in my life both personally and professionally. My life has completely turned around and she was an instrumental part of that. I will never be able to thank her enough.